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eva mendes picCuban-American beauty Eva Mendes was discovered in Los Angeles while browsing at her neighbor’s garage sale and has been on her way to stardom ever since.  Attending California State Northridge University, Mendes decided to change her major in marketing and began taking acting class’s full time.  Not knowing what was going to become of this pivotal turn in her life, Mendes appeared in music videos and television shows, before debuting in Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror and hitting it big, starring opposite to Oscar-winner Denzel Washington in the box office hit, “Training Day” (2001). 

 Since then she has been popping up in movies all over the place.  She has starred in “2 fast 2 Furious” alongside Paul Walker, played in the comedy “Stuck on You” with Matt Damon, who she began dating off screen as well as on screen.  Mendes also starred in the record-breaking romantic comedy “Hitch”, playing Will Smith’s girlfriend and love interest.  Her most current project that she is working on is “Ghost Rider” with Nicolas Cage directed by Mark Steven Johnson and is said to be a huge hit.  Among the number of movies Eva has been apart of, Mendes has also been seen on television for a number of different Guest Appearances.

Eva Mendes is an independent actress who refuses to be put into a conventional mode or typecast.  Taking on lead roles in all different directions, Eva Mendes is truly proud of herself for what she has accomplished.  The beautiful and talented actress has a love for vintage clothing and anything platinum.  She can be seen time and time again on the red carpet with her chic style.  Eva has tremendous sex appeal at the age of thirty and is said to be single and loving it!  It is hard for anyone to make it in the acting business, but Mendes’s fans love her persona and what she brings to the screen.  She is a sexy Latina who can entice as much with her body as she can with her attitude. 

Eva is admired by everyone for the impressive break through performances that she has made in this cutthroat business.  Mendes is on the A list for movie roles and is said to be taking some newer roles from other great actresses.  Directors and producers love her because she knows where she came from.  Mendes is not afraid to be herself and through the years, she has learned that a pretty face can only take you so far in Hollywood, but true talent can change your life.  Being raised in Miami and Los Angeles, Mendes has learned to hold her own.  She is not innocent by any means and actually she has as much toughness as she does booty.  Eva has learned to stand up for herself and has complete control over every aspect in her life.  She has blossomed into such a talented woman and is the entire package.  Critics now see that her skills and training stand on their own.  Eva Mendes has naturally beauty and is known for her seductive smile, curvy figure and great legs.  She is in a class of her own and no one is stopping her. 









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