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Eva Mendes was born in Houston, Texas on March 5, 1974 with a very promising life ahead of her.  Not knowing her life was going to change years

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down the road, Mendes’s parents moved her and her three siblings to Los Angeles when she was still just a little girl.  Eva is the youngest of four children; she has two sisters and one brother.  Years ago, Eva’s father worked as a meat distributor and her mother worked as a bank teller when they moved to Los Angeles. She grew up in the Echo Park neighborhood, longing for more, but not really having much of a picture of how to get it.  Ever since she was little she wanted to be rich and that was because her family was poor.  She was not extremely poor where she did not have food or a roof over her head.  Her family just did not have the finer of things and everything they owned was cheap.  Mendes’s parents did not own the house she grew up in and that has made Eva value things in life more because of her past experiences.  


Graduating from Glendale High School, Mendes decided to major in marketing at California State Northridge University.  She was studying to be an interior decorator and would be doing that as a profession presently if she was not an actress.  Between semesters, Mendes decided to earn some extra money and appeared in a smaller feature film.  Little did she know that her life was instantly going to change forever.  Her neighbor, a photographer had snapped some photos of Mendes at a garage sale and placed them in his portfolio.   


Later on, at an interview for a job, an agent had noticed Mendes’s photos and had asked to meet her.  After speaking with Mendes, the agent convinced Mendes to quit school and pursue a career in acting. 


From there Mendes took a few acting classes with respectable acting coach Ivana Chubbuck and soon after debuted in Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror.  She also appeared in music videos for Aerosmith and Will Smith, which in turn led Mendes to take a small, but career turning role in the box office hit “Training Day”.  With her breakout performance as Denzel Washington’s mistress, Mendes had become a star overnight.  From here her career really started to take off. 


In 2003 Mendes starred in the action blockbuster film “2 Fast 2 Furious” when she played a customs agent working alongside Paul Walker.  That same year she starred in the comedy feature film “All About the Benjamins” with Ice Cube.  Also in 2003 she worked with Denzel Washington a second time in the film “Out of Time”.  Continuing to act, Eva took a much larger role alongside Will Smith in the romantic comedy “Hitch”.  Mendes plays a journalist who has her own ideas about romance, but soon enough falls for Alex Hitchens (Will Smith).  The movie hit a record breaking number on its first weekend and sold out theaters with their performances.  Eva is currently working with Nicolas Cage on the set of “Ghost Rider” which is said to be out in the theaters in 2007.  This Cuban American beauty has been seen in several movies and shows no signs of slowing down.






















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