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Ever since Eva Mendes was young, she has always known she wanted to be in the limelight.  It has always been a dream of hers.  She never knew it would have taken off as fast as it did.  Growing up, Mendes looked up to Cindy Crawford as one her role models.  Cindy Crawford had the body and looks that Mendes and her friends did.  Crawford was not the standard looking model back then and in Eva’s eyes there were high hopes for herself.  Crawford did not have blonde hair and blue eyes, but everyone was beginning to know who she was.  Cindy Crawford was someone to look up to and a role model for all women when Mendes was younger.  In reality she still is a role model to most women.  Crawford has come very far in her life and career, just like Mendes.  Starting modeling at a younger age, Crawford really learned the business well.  She learned to be very independent and to make all of the decisions herself, even if the cost was the lost of partners along the way.  Crawford was the first supermodel to pose nude in playboy.  As you can see, she took chances and that led her where she is today.  Like Crawford, Mendes took the same kind of chances.   


Mendes never looked at herself as a role model until one day she was asked the question in an interview.  “What kind of role model do you want to be for younger girls?”  Mendes at that time really thought long and hard about answering that question. 

When Eva was younger, she would buy her makeup from the local drug store because her parents could not buy anything from the big department stores.  Even though Eva has natural beauty, she still wanted to wear makeup at her young age.  What younger girl in the right mind does not want to wear makeup?  Mendes lets her fans know now that everyone should just be themselves and not try to overly impress someone.  Eva enjoys doing community service and helping people as much as she can on a regular basis.  She does not wear fur because she is against torturing animals.  Mendes does volunteer work constantly when she can find the time in her busy life.  She continues to impress movie goers with her talent and charisma.  Unlike other role models she is not afraid to say what she thinks.  Sometimes her mouth does get her into trouble, but she does not believe that a person should not say how they feel when they feel it.  Mendes is very open and honest.  Honesty is very great quality to have in a person. Eva has also said that she is very lucky to be able to work with such an elite group of women in the Revlon campaign.  Working alongside, Juliane Moore, Haley Barry and Susan Sarandon have made the experiences for Mendes long lasting.  These women are also role models to look up to in Eva’s eyes.  Mendes wants to continue to prove herself as a role model and hopes others feel that way about her too.        



















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