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Achieving goals is something Eva Mendes is good at.  Through out her thirty years of living she has accomplished so many things others dream of achieving.  Eva has vowed to accomplish more because she will not be satisfied until she wins an Oscar.  She knows she is good at what she does and has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture at The ALMA Awards for her role in Training Day in 2002.  Along with that nomination, Mendes was also nominated for Choice breakout Movie Star – female at The Teen Choice Awards for her role in 2 Fast 2 Furious in 2004.  She has proven to America that she has what it takes to make it in this business.  The Pisces Cuban-American beauty would like to work with directors: Steven Soderbergh, Pedro Almodovar, Mike Lee, Luc Besson in the future.  That is one of her future goals that she would like to achieve.




Eva Mendes is very frugal with her money and you can tell that because she still drives and loves her Range Rover that she has had for four years.  Eva would have liked to do some kind of work in interior decorating, but because of her work schedule with acting and modeling that does not allow her to do everything she loves.  Right now it is one or the other and acting is very important to Eva.  Her favorite movies are the 1980’s Steven King hit, “The Shining” and the 1966 film, Blow Up”.  Her favorite artists are The Strokes, The Smiths and Nortec Collective.  She likes all different kinds of music.  Mendes also has a few interesting facts about herself, currently she has written a book on art, history and values for children, titled “Crazy Leggs Beshee.  Obviously you can tell that Eva has a love for writing and a love for children.  It has been said that she wrote the book for her niece.  When she was just starting in the business she appeared in an American Express credit card commercial with Sheryl Crow.   Also when she had just started working in this business, she appeared wearing a bikini with the american flag on it in an Areosmith music video Hole in my Sole.  On her spare time Eva loves to hike, bike, ski and mountain climb.  She is a very active person and that’s how she stays so fit.  In her past, she had dated hottie Matt Damon.   


Eva is arachnophobian, currently residing in Los Angeles.  She has excellent physical features.  God blessed her with outstanding looks.   If you have not seen Eva Mendes, you are missing out.  The 5’7” independent actress has brown eyes, brown hair and weighs 110 lbs.  Her body is extremely toned.  She has stated in the past that she is not afraid of eating too much, that she will just work out longer to burn what she eats off.  Mendes loves food and especially junk food.  Who do know that doesn’t like junk food?  Mendes is extremely lucky to be in the position she is in today and will succeed in the future with her dedication and hard work.  











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